Planned Safety for Concrete Structures

Scissorsafe is a Unique, Fall Prevention Anchorage System for Reinforced Concrete Frame and Pre-cast Concrete Structures.

Scissorsafe is a pre-planned safety system – Anchorage points for those working at height are identified where external facade operations will occur, before being cast into the structure, usually around perimeters and voids, providing installers with overhead attachment for fall arrest or fall restraint systems.

During the formwork and concrete phases expendable plastic void formers are cast into the decks or walls. These form Anchor points – without the need to drill into the structure – into which the Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool is inserted, then locked using the karabiner attached to the user’s personal Fall protection System, this could be a self retracting lifeline or a horizontal running line system.

The User is always in control

The Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool will not allow connection until it is fully engaged and cannot close or slip until the user purposely removes the connector, the user cannot be partially connected, if the anchor is not completely installed upon connection, it will drop out of its connection point before use. When the Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool is locked into the Cast-in Anchorage Point it provides a 12 kN Fall Arrest Anchorage in any direction, compliant to BS EN 795 Class B.

Fall Arrest or Work Restraint?

When planing working at height safety methods, this question will be addressed so that an anchorage system can be implemented into the construction of the structure so that external works can be safely accomplished without the need to drill into the structure.

A Fall Arrest System provides freedom of movement for workers to conduct their duties, but in doing so it allows them to reach he point where a fall could occur. If this happens the fall will be arrested.

A Temporary Work Restraint System will restrict the workers movement within a safe working zone, preventing them from reaching the fall hard providing a high level of safety for workers when operating in areas with unprotected fall hazards and leading edges.

Planned Safety reaching new heights

Landmark projects  utilising Scissorsafe Planned Safety Systems


Far East Facade

January 6, 2017


Brookfield Multiplex

January 6, 2017


Downing Development

January 6, 2017


Elephant & Castle

January 6, 2017


Greenwich Point

January 6, 2017


Principal Place London

January 6, 2017


Manhattan Loft Gardens

January 6, 2017

MACE_Elephant & castle ph 2_scissorsafe fall protection

MACE Elephant & castle ph 2_scissorsafe fall protection

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