ScissorSafe Adjustable
Work Positioner

Scissorsafe Adjustable Work Positioner

Order Code: SCS030 – 033
Certification: EN358

The Adjustable Work Positioner is the link between the Anchorage Point, Overhead Lifeline and Users Harness, available in lengths from 3 to 10 metres.
It is effectively a long adjustable lanyard that allows movement between the Anchorage Point and the leading edge of the structure,
Consisting of a length of 12mm kermantle rope with a stainless steel hand grab adjuster with a short lanyard which connects directly to a front or rear harness connector.

One end is connected to the Anchorage Point (Single Anchor or Overhead Lifeline ), the Lanyard end is connected to the Harness. The user retains tension between anchorage and harness by adjusting the length of rope between himself and the anchorage point, relative to the distance he is working from the leading edge using the grab adjuster which allows one-way adjustment and keeps him in constant tension so that his forward movement is restricted from the fall risk.

When connected to an overhead lifeline or running line, one end of the Work Positioner is connected onto the Anchorage Lifeline which allows the user to move along the whole length, ( max 20 metres). For isolated work operations where less mobility is needed, the user can connect directly to an Anchorage Point.

Product description
The Scissorsafe Adjustable Work Positioner is manufactured from 12mm kermantle rope, with a stainless steel rope adjuster connected to the 1 metre rope lanyard. Connections are made using the small aluminium double-action hooks.