Scissorsafe Anchorage System

Order Code: SCS003
Weight: 0.50kg

Key Information
Scissorsafe is a Portable and Reusable Anchorage for Concrete and is used as part of a Personal Fall Arrest or Work Restraint System.
It is inserted in pre-formed voids cast into the soffits of structures and locked with a 10mm karabiner connected to a fall arrest or work restraint system
Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool’s won’t allow connection until fully engaged in the concrete and can’t close or slip until purposely removed by the user.
When locked into the Anchorage Point it provides a 12 kN Fall Arrest Anchorage in any direction, compliant to BS EN 795 Class B.

Used in conjunction with Fall Arrest components or Work Restraint Components.

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • BS EN 795.

Fall Protection Annual Inspection
Scissorsafe anchors should be inspected and recertified annually in order to ensure continued safety.

Hollowcore/Steel Toggle Anchor

EN795 Class B:2002
Order Code: SCS071
Weight: 2.95kg

Key Information
Toggle anchor for hollowcore floor slabs and steel sections. fitting into a 19mm diameter hole, with swivelling D-ring Tie-off point.

Concrete Wedge Anchor

EN795 Class B:2002
Order Code: SCS070
Weight: 3.5kg

Key Information
Concrete wedge anchor for connection into a 19mm hole in solid concrete with swivelling D-ring tie-off point to attach personal Fall Arrest system to.

Sleeve Anchor For Dwyidag

EN795 Class B:2002
Order Code: SCS008

Key Information
Gravity wedge Anchor which is utilised in concrete walls, through dwydag, through tie holes.