Temporary anchorages for
Fall Arrest and Fall Restraint

Scissorsafe anchorage tool / reusable

Order Code: SCS003
Weight: 0.50kg

Key Information
Scissorsafe is a Portable and Reusable Anchorage for Concrete and is used as part of a Personal Fall Arrest or Work Restraint System. It is inserted in pre-formed voids cast into the soffits of structures and locked with a 10mm karabiner connected to a fall arrest or work restraint system. Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool’s won’t allow connection until fully engaged in the concrete and can’t close or slip until purposely removed by the user. When locked into the Anchorage Point it provides a 12 kN Fall Arrest Anchorage in any direction, compliant to BS EN 795 Class B.

Used in conjunction with Fall Arrest components or Work Restraint Components.

Fully tested to meet or exceed current safety standards including:

  • BS EN 795.

Fall Protection Annual Inspection
Scissorsafe anchors should be inspected and recertified annually in order to ensure continued safety.

Hollowcore/Steel Toggle Anchor

EN795 Class B:2002
Order Code: SCS071
Weight: 2.95kg

Key Information
Toggle anchor for hollowcore floor slabs and steel sections. fitting into a 19mm diameter hole, with swivelling D-ring Tie-off point.

Sleeve Anchor For Dwyidag

EN795 Class B:2002
Order Code: SCS008

Key Information
Gravity wedge Anchor which is utilised in concrete walls, through dwydag, through tie holes.

Concrete Wedge Anchor

EN795 Class B:2002
Order Code: SCS070
Weight: 3.5kg

Key Information
Drilled Anchors are beneficial in areas of slab where Scissorsafe Void Formers have nit been cast -in.

The Concrete Wedge Anchor is a Reusable friction anchor for vertical applications when used as part of a Fall Arrest, Work Restraint or Rescue System.
The anchor’s end termination expands steel wedges to secure the anchor. A spring-tensioned trigger and retractor cables release the wedges to allow removal.

When properly installed and secure, a swivelling D ring is suspended at ceiling level for the connection of Lifelines , Lanyards or Fall Arrestors.

Installation and Removal
Carefully inspect the anchor before each use to assure that its in servicable condition.

Drill a 20mm diameter hole to a depth of 80mm.
Pull the trigger to its full extent and insert into the hole until the internal wedges grip the concrete.
Pull on the D Ring to set the anchor in place.
This Anchor Point is now ready for attachment of a personal fall arrest or work restraint system.

To remove the anchor, simply push the release plug and pull up on the trigger.
If undamaged, the anchor can be re-used.

Anchorage Requirement
Minimum compressive concrete strength 3000 psi
Minimum concrete thickness 130mm
Positional distances from edge of concrete

Concrete thickness 200mm. Minimum distance from edge of slab. 250mm
Concrete thickness 250mm. Minimum distance from edge of slab. 200mm
Concrete thickness 300mm. Minimum distance from edge of slab. 150mm

Please read the instruction manual provided with this safety anchorage before using.