Self Retracting Lifelines
for Fall Arrest

Self Retracting Lifelines for Fall Arrest.


Compliant with the relevant standard EN362


Fall arrest block / inertia reel / retractable type fall arrester

We distribute IKAR retractable type fall arresters which are manufactured and tested in accordance with EN360:2002, they are produced for maximum durability, using aluminium , stainless steel and shockproof plastic  ensuring reliability in use with low maintenance requirements.

Retractable  fall arresters function in a similar way to a car seat belt, a re-coiling main spring keeps the galvanised steel cable in light tension, allowing it to respond immediately in the event of a fall.

If the extraction speed of the lifeline exceeds 0.5m/sec, one of the catches which activate the brake system will lock into place as a result of centrifugal forces in the rotating drum.

Lightweight aluminium housing with a galvanised steel cable lifeline.

Swivel eye anchor attachment point with Karabiner.

Aluminium double action hook on end of lifeline for connecting to the users Harness. For the comfort of the user and ease of connection it is advisable to wear a short harness lanyard or harness tail.

Product Application

Self Retracting Lifelines for the connecting link between the users harness and the Anchorage point which ideally will be above the users head. It is strongly recommended to plan anchorage points so that the user can operate §within a horizontal distance no greater than the equivalent of 30 degrees from it.

The implication of working beyond this distance is the risk of pendulum swing or a swing fall which puts the user at risk of collision with any object in his way