Void Formers

Scissorsafe Two Part Void Former

Order Code: SCS002

Key Information
Used to form anchorage points in the concrete, consisting of a 35mm circular disk that is nailed or screwed to decking formwork.
The Tee shaped mould is pushed firmly onto the disk.
When encased in hardened concrete a void is formed into which the Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool is inserted.

Sold in bags of 50 units or boxes of 150 units.

Covering disk for Scissorsafe access points

Order Code: SCS004

Key Information
Scissorsafe anchor points are valued for their key positions in the structure, providing safety anchorage for ongoing maintenance work.
This can reduce the need for specialist access equipment and eliminates the need to drill anchors into finished concrete.
These durable plastic disks are easily removed using only a screwdriver or chisel and are re-inserted when the work has been completed.