Work Restraint Lifeline System

Work Restraint Lifeline System

Order Code: SCS020
Certification: EN795


The Temporary Horizontal Lifeline is the primary anchorage connector in any Work Restraint System and is used to link two 15kN rated anchorage points together. It provides a lightweight and easily installed anchorage solution for leading edge environments i.e decking of formwork or installing facade systems to a structures perimeter.

Product description

Consisting of a length of webbing that adjust’s to a maximum working length of 20m, an integral wear indicator for ease of inspection, sewn loops for connecting to anchorage slings or Scissorsafe restraint sling assemblies at each end and anIntegral storage bag for transport and stowage of excess webbing and UV protection when the lifeline is not in use.

A Scissorsafe Running Line assembly specifically designed for protecting facade installers consists of two pairs of anchorages locked into void formers up to a maximum of 20 metres apart. These are linked using a Work Restraint Link which connects to the lifeline using a large karabiner. This set-up is capable of absorbing end anchorage loads.

Scissorsafe Work Restraint Link’s transfer and evenly distribute the lifeline load into four pre-determined Scissorsafe anchorage points. Scissorsafe technicians will plot anchorage points onto the structures plan for efficient utilisation of Work Restraint equipment

Scissorsafe fall prevention components are supplied with clear user instructions and carry unique serial numbers for traceability.

Use this lifeline with:

  • Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool
  • Scissorsafe Work Restraint Sling Assembly
  • Scissorsafe Adjustable Work Positioned
  • Endurance Safety Harness with front & Rear attachment points

Work Restraint Link

Order Code: SCS021
Certification: EN795


The Work Restraint Link is used to connect twin scissorsafe anchorage devices to both terminating ends of a Temporary Horizontal Lifeline when the system is used in work restraint. It transfers and evenly distributes the lifeline load. It consists of two short lengths of webbing with scissorsafe connectors at two ends joined into a Vee using a large connector rated to 35 kN for end anchorage loads.
Scissorsafe technicians will plot anchorage points onto the structures plan for efficient utilisation of Work Restraint equipment.