Scissorsafe is a unique anchorage system designed to prevent falls from height when used as part of a fall arrest or work restraint system.

Scissorsafe Anchorage points cast into concrete soffits providing installers with overhead anchorage points for fall arrest or work restraint.

Expendable plastic void formers are simply nailed or screwed onto formwork decking which form a tee shaped void in the concrete.

When the concrete has reached strength of 25kN/m3. The void is an accessible anchor point into which A Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool is inserted allowing connection for a personal safety system.

Scissorsafe Anchorage Points
are cast into the structure

Inexpensive Two Part Plastic Void Formers are nailed to the decking formwork from Scissorsafe designed setting-out plans, these ensure that drilled anchors will not be needed.

Nail the disc onto the formwork

Nail disk
to formwork

Push T-Mould
onto the disk

Pour Concrete

Place a mould over the disc and press until it clicks into place.

The perimeter rim of the mould will be in contact with the shutter face. When using in a light reinforced slab where the concrete placer could stand on the mould inserts, it is advisable to tie them to the rebar for stability.

Pour concrete, being careful to avoid the anchorage moulds when vibrating it.

Formwork removal  exposes the plastic disk which are removed to allow entry of  Scissorsafe Anchorage Tools.

Insert the Scissorsafe Anchorage Tool into the cast-in mould, and push the blades together until they are aligned.

A unique safety feature of this system is if the connector hole is not completely aligned it will not allow the user to connect into it.

Lock the Anchorage Tool using a 10mm Karabiner (rated 22kn)

Attach a Fall Arrest or Fall Restraint component to it This in turn will be connected to a Lanyard or Self Retracting Fall Arrestor.

Give two sharp tugs on the connecting device to ensure that it is fully engaged and ready for use. The Scissorsafe Anchorage may now be used for personal fall Arrest or Fall Restraint.

The user is always in control

The Scissorsafe anchorage tool will not allow connection until it is fully engaged and cannot close or slip until the user purposely removes the connector. When then Scissorsafe tool is locked into the concrete it provides a 12kN capacity anchorage in any direction, compliant to EN 795 Class B

Before fixing the two part moulds to the formwork, carefully plan their positions, the best position being directly above the head of the user. Avoid placing them too close to concrete edges and joints, or into concrete less than 170mm thick. The ScissorSafe anchorage system is not intended for use in lightweight concrete.

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