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Work at Height Training

Scissorsafe Work at Height Training courses have been developed for those with previous Safety Harness experience or for those tasked with managing work at height.

They are usually site-based using a room environment initially for theory and equipment familiarization , then in a pre-arranged safe site zone for practical training using equipment with competence testing on a one to one basis.

Scissorsafe Training providers

Our qualified training managers carry the equipment required to supervise the installation of Work Restraint Lifelines and Rescue using a Dummy and retrieval equipment. Additionally the Trainers carry a portable Anchor Hydra-Jaws Testing Kit and will demonstrate how to quickly test an EN795 fall protection anchor to 6kN if required.

The level of training is prompted by the following questions

  • How do you decide if someone is ‘competent’ to work at height?
  • How do you select the right equipment to use for a job?
  • How do know that  the equipment is fit for purpose?
  • Anchor testing – demonstration
  • We also provide Training specific to Work at height rescue which focusses specifically on
  • How a rescue kit works And Simulated rescue using a correct weight dummy