Anchor Load Testing Kit

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Product description

Hydrajaws anchor testing kits are available for weekly hire from Scissorsafe.

Hire kits are supplied with Lanyards and connectors to ensure that they cannot fall when being used to test ceiling or wall anchors.

Hydrajaws M2000 Medium Duty Fixing Testers enable engineers to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials, either for the purpose of establishing safe working loads or to validate the correct installation of existing fixings. The tensile load of up to 25kN is applied to the fixing mechanically and hydraulics are used to register the load through an accurate analogue gauge, making the tester very reliable.

Load spreading bridges keep reaction loads away from the fixing. Fixings up to M16 may be located directly in the tester, while a variety of adaptors enable a wide range of other types and sizes to be tested.

Supplied with an accessory kit including Connectors for Scissorsafe Anchor Tools, Post – Drilled Anchors and Elasticated bungee tethers

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