Work at height rescue equipment and rescue kits

It is a requirement of the Work at Height Regulations 2005, that a Rescue Plan has been written and is in place whenever an individual is working at a height which if fallen from could cause serious injury. This is known as a Working at Height Rescue Plan.

It is important that the details of A Working at Height Rescue Plan are specific to the structure and equipment to be used so those that need to be rescued can be quickly and safely recovered without putting anybody else at risk.

A Rescue Plan must meet the following criteria

  • Have we trained the rescuers to a high level of competence
  • Which equipment is most suitable for this type of rescue
  • How will you know if someone is in need of rescue?
  • How quickly and safely can we get a rescuer to them?
  • Have we planned adequate anchorage points for the rescuer
  • How quickly can you get them to a safe place?
  • Can we assess any medical, or other, needs of the individual during and after the rescue

A person may fall while connected to a Work Restraint or Fall Arrest system and become suspended in their harness; if a person is suspended even for a short period of time this can result in a life-threatening condition known as suspension trauma.

Working at Height Rescue Equipment & Systems

Scissorsafe Ltd offer Rescue Kits and equipment specific to high rise construction, configured for attachment to single anchor points or Horizontal lifelines.

Rescue kits with 20, 40 & 50 metre ropes


Rescue kit with 20 metre rope


Rescue kit with 40 metre rope


Rescue kit with 50 metre rope

Additional rope lengths available to special order 


Rescue kits containing components manufactured, tested and certified to conform to relevant European Standards.

It is designed to enable the rescue of workers who have fallen over the perimeter of a structure whilst wearing a full body fall arrest harness connected to a Work Restraint or Fall Arrest System.

These rescue kits are suitable for use where the casualty can be reached by trained rescue personnel.
The Rescue Pole extends and holds the small double action hook in the gate open position. Once located in the casualty’s harness, the pole is removed and the safety gate closes and automatically locks.

The Scissorsafe Rescue kits contains

  • Controlled descent device with rescue lifting facility, manufactured from shock proof aluminium housing with heavy duty plastic crank wheel and handle.

    The ABS3WH devices have automatic speed regulation. The brakes are controlled by
    centrifugal forces which maintain a constant descent speed. An integral crank handle can be
    activated to disengage the automatic lower off, and by turning the handle the lifting facility is gained. 

    The casualty can then be lifted up to the original work platform or once raised sufficiently to release 

    the used fall arrest device, the automatic function can be re-engaged to allow the casualty lower off. 

    By using the lifting and releasing rescue action, Rescue Kits are “NO CUT” rescue systems.

  • 10mm diameter kernmantle rope with small double action hooks at each end;

  • 1.0 metre webbing anchorage sling;

  • Small steel screw-gate karabiner;

  • Extendable remote reach rescue pole;

  • Purpose made rescue tackle bag;

  • Information/instruction card.