Temporary Horizontal Lifeline kits

Temporary Work Restraint Systems consist of components that allows movement within a safe working zone, without needing to transfer from one anchor point to another.

When planned and installed the system provides a high level of safety and creates an area where four user’s can operative in a safe working zone and will consist of the following components.

Anchor Point – Webbing or Wire Rope Slings wrapped around column starter bars connected to a Temporary Horizontal Lifeline, maximum length 20 metres.

Connecting Device – Adjustable Work Positioning System, comprising a Lanyard, Rope Grab for adjustment and a length of Kermantle Rope providing the travel for the operative.

Safety Harness – with front & rear anchorage points

Horizontal Lifeline for Formwork 20 mtr/ 4 Users






Horizontal Lifeline with ratchet tensioner that adjusts and tensions the line to a maximum working length of 20metres.

Sewn loops at both ends of the lifeline allow connection to anchorage slings and anchors. An Integral storage bag holds excess webbing and provides UV protection when the lifeline is not in use.

Two webbing slings provide anchorage by wrapping around columns or vertical rebar , connected to the Lifeline with 50kN rated karabiners.


The Temporary Horizontal Lifeline is the primary anchorage connector in any Work Restraint System and is used to link two anchorage points together. It provides a lightweight and easily installed anchorage solution for leading edge environments i.e decking out on formwork systems.

  • x1 Horizontal lifeline with ratchet tensing and storage bag
  • x2 Webbing anchorage slings
  • x2 End anchorage karabiners 50kn rated
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